Who we are

A team that loves to create

Afrik World Entertainment is poised to take the film industry by storm. It has the potential to change the face of movie going and the concept of film in general. If you want to be part of this movie and entertainment venture, now is the time. If you want to see stories on the big screen that touch your heart, now is the time. You will have a chance to suggest stories and watch them come to live on the big screen.

We have to move away from low quality films that cost a few thousand dollars to high quality films. Investing in Afrik World Entertainment will not only help bring quality films to the big screen, but also help develop African talents in the US.

If you invest in Afrik World Entertainment, you will be investing in yourself and you will surely be placed in a position to reap the benefits as a return on investment. We have a team of dedicated folks that will ensure that your investment is accounted for.


Types Of Investment Opportunities

There are three ways to invest with Afrik World Entertainment:

You can invest $100 towards a particular film of your choice, and you will share in the profits from the film based on percentages.

This type of investment is for individuals who want to invest for long term, usually for a period of up to 5years. Investment amounts will be from $1000.00 to $4,900. They will not bother about current or proposed projects and their investments will carry over year after year until they request their money.

This type of investment is for investors investing in amounts greater than $5000.00.  Typically, investors of this category will enjoy benefits of the Platinum investor . Additionally, they will receive quarterly feedback on the progress of the various projects and a copy of the tax returns every year.

This is for corporate groups with investments of between $5000 and $10,000. Members within this group will enjoy privileges of a ‘Gold Investor’. Additionally, they will have the advantage of sending a representative to board meetings when ever Afrik World Entertainment board holds. They will also enjoy front row seats at any Afrik World Entertainment movie premiere.

Investments of $10,000 and above. Members within this category will enjoy membership of a Corporate investor. Additionally, they will enjoy a wide variety of benefits including front row seats at any Afrik World Entertainment events.

You can start by filling out the application. An associate will call you and discuss your options.  You can decide which movie you want your money to be invested in, or you can let us decide for you which movie your money will be invested in, and you have the added benefit of acquiring a percentage share in the specific movie.